This is a mirrored page of gemini:// from the Gemini protocol, links will only work in a Gemini compatible client/browser.

Gemini Discovery

This is a directory of Gemini-based search engines and directories.

Search Engines is a search engine, but its “Newest Gemini Hosts” and “Newest Gemini Pages” pages function as a discovery mechanism. If you want even more, there’s also “Known Gemini Hosts” and “Known Gemini Feeds” if you want to go through a sizable, but still tractable, backlog.

Totally Legit Gemini Search

While TLGS doesn’t have the Newest pages of above, it is, as its name outright states, a totally-legit search engine.

Feed Aggregators


Each month, CAPCOM randomly chooses 100 feeds out of its list and shows updates for them.


Spacewalk is a combined list of gemlogs and other routinely-updated things.


People submit feed URLs to Antenna, and then Antenna displays posts from all the submitted feeds.

Link-posting places

The Gemini Mailing List

People announce their capsules here, ideally with the “[users]” tag attached. People also tag their capsule announcements with “[ANN]” for capsule announcements.


Geddit lets people post links. People can also comment on those links.



gmisub shows posts from multiple feeds.

The Treeblue Review

The Treeblue Review is a list of links to interesting Gemini pages.

Non-English Content

Bot en deriva

Bot en deriva links to Spanish-language content.

Defunct capsules


In addition to its links elsewhere, this capsule maintains an archive of capsules that used to be a way for others to find things on Gemini, but are either inaccessible or haven’t been updated in a while.

Mailing-list archive mirrors



If you’d like to read the Gemini mailing list on Gemini itself, these capsules will let you do just that.


Got a suggestion for a way to find things on Gemini? E-mail <>.

Last updated on December 29, 2021.